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April 30, 2017

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Ha, all is becoming clear.

In my last post’s reply to Ramana’s comment I say that I actually don’t mind people displaying a healthy dose of arrogance. According to an article I just read we like those who resemble us. Which, oh my poor dear Sweethearts and regular commentators, on the assumption that you give me the time of day because you quite like me and it’s worth your effort, makes all of you arrogant and antagonistic swines. And those who shall remain unnamed – the ones who in their quest to divest themselves of me – are little Bluebells swinging in the wind waiting to be picked. Cute.

Well, if that isn’t a damning indictment (fn the Bluebells) I don’t know what is. Don’t cry. Here is my handkerchief. Keep it.




March 9, 2014

I ate it I ate it I ate it – with an h

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The only reason one of these days I shan’t combust because I don’t want to deprive my son of his mother.

Yes, reading the papers. Forget anger management. How to wean your child a la French chef Ducasse: You take a bunch of carrots. Fresh. Slice them (finely). Steam them. Puree.

Have I just read that? Is this for real? How have we survived for thousands of years, evolved, without some ‘chef’ telling us how to puree a carrot? Next we’ll learn to use a fork to mash up a banana.

THAT IS IT. I am done. I wish I could stand it all a little longer but I can’t. Soon a recipe how to breathe before we suffocate will be published.


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