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September 30, 2017

Location, location, location

Unlike most of you and other squeamish, sanitized and contemporaries, there will be no fire for me. Brimstone more like it.

Yes, I shall be buried. Come maggot and worm. OH MY GOD. I can see it now. Particularly my eye sockets. Never mind. Whilst aesthetically not pleasing I shall stick with earth to earth. Ashes go with the wind. Earth is solid.

In one of the more wonderous moments of my life, a few days ago I found the cemetery cum graveyard I would like to be buried in. If push comes to shove I’ll move into its vicinity to ensure a place. It’s pure magic. Absolute magic. Acres and acres, largely not yet populated. Proper graves. Can’t wait.

Urns (and their ashes), by comparison, measly. Measly. Meagre. Mean. Cheek by jowl. Reminds me of some two years ago when the Angel and I visited Minstead’s graveyard where Arthur Canon Doyle (think Sherlock Holmes) and his wife are buried. The Angel remarked that it’s so much nicer to be able to visit a grave (and, naturally, to the Angel’s horror, I managed to stand on it) rather than being restricted to, well, a measly, teensy, weensy spot with an urn of which there are quite a few on Minstead’s cemetery too,  even if blessed with a “view” over rolling country side.

I am not particularly tall though some people think me so. There is something to be said to be buried stretched to your full length rather than reduced to your volume in ashes. I am sure that’s what Archimedes thought when displacing water, resulting in his joyous “Eureka”.



January 26, 2010

Pissing in the wind

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gaelikaa, my dance with Ramana is off. So there will be no photos for you to look forward to.

I rarely go into a sulky strop, in fact never:  Which is why, now that I have,  it is a rather illuminating experience for me. Ramana ticked me off earlier today regarding a perfectly reasonable answer to both his original post and GM’s response which I commented on in one wash [same comment box].  I am getting a little tired of  all the sensitivity (few sensibilities) on some of the consortium’s blogs. Frankly, I have had it. I might as well plant a rhododendron on alkaline soil. It too won’t flourish.

I am miffed big time. Better stick to my usual playgrounds – so much more fun.

For all those not familiar with the meaning of my header: It’s sailors’ language. Look it up if you must or try it the next time you are aboard ship. You’ll soon get the drift.


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