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Currently making a molehill out of a mountain. More manageable.

Started digging: I don’t want to dig. But then who cares? Yes, insert big sigh, there are bloggers out there, and they make me snort, who will lay down the rules, the ten commandments, little Hitlers that they are, as to comments. In fact if I want to know anything about anyone I look at their list of rules. It’s all you need to know about a person. Laying down the law. Such a pity I can’t name names. But I can’t. Whilst it would give huge satisfaction to me and some of my readers, it’d be downright cruel.

So, here are my rules: None. Do what you like. Say what you like. Make a complete ass of yourself, me or anyone else. That is fine. Have shovel, will compost.

Prove yourselves far more entertaining, intelligent, amusing than I am. Fine. Extra fine. I have always believed one should run with those slightly faster than oneself.

Good, isn’t it, when not given a rope to hang onto. Metaphor being ‘ship’, not ‘tree’. Too many people hang themselves. When all you need is getting sea sick every so often.

To be continued … dear dog in heaven

U (28 Aug 2013)



  1. To thine own self be true. Nothing else needed.

    Thanks for the long comment. 30 yrs in UK? Not US?
    I can’t remember if I’ve seen a profile of you or not.
    email me a potted history? Not, if you don’t want.

    Comment by friko — December 28, 2013 @ 20:35 | Reply

  2. Do you wear a pointed hat by any chance? If so, then you could be my missing mother-in-law.

    Comment by Keith — February 16, 2014 @ 00:02 | Reply

  3. Your title is aptly chosen.

    Comment by lin heinz — June 24, 2015 @ 06:11 | Reply

  4. I adore your approach and it echoes mine. The more I learn about older bloggers, the more I understand That we all have reasons for doing it our way. Including, for some, dreaming up rules for others to ignore.

    Comment by Rachel McAlpine — August 9, 2018 @ 19:43 | Reply

  5. I concur with your views.

    Comment by Melvyn Lloyd — October 29, 2018 @ 14:57 | Reply

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