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November 20, 2014

Blot on my landscape

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Yesterday’s outburst makes me deeply ashamed of myself. Please don’t think the worse of me. Or do.

I have taken down the text of “Frazzled”. Those of you who commented I will answer. As the Angel pointed out my being ‘frazzled’ ┬ámore to do with my current lack of vision (in the literal sense), the result being an easily ignited irritability. Even the bloody Basil (which only served as a symbol) let its leaves hang overnight.

Anyway, my dear dear mother called me this afternoon, troubled since she can’t stand anything coming between us. Neither can I. In many ways, as old as I am myself, it’s comforting that she picked up the phone first. Reminds you of olden times: Being cared for. Run to mother. She’ll blow it better. So, once more all is good, all is well. All I now need is my clarity back. Equilibrium will follow.

As an aside to all of those of you affected by physical/mental ailment, discomfort and misery (yours or that of those close to you): One thing I have learnt that you can’t compare one person’s pain to another – in the MOMENT. In the moment we are utterly self absorbed. The moment I stub my toe and it hurts I don’t feel better because I am not dying of brain cancer. I know it sounds awful. But it’s the truth. Only when that toe stops throbbing do we get life (not least that of others) back into perspective.

On which happy note: Do not drop an ice pick (on your toe).



November 19, 2014


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“This is fresh. So please forgive me if more guided by emotion than rationale.”

That was yesterday.


Today’s update: Please see follow up post “Blot on my landscape”.

I will answer those who commented so very thoughtfully. Just give me a minute or a little longer.


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