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June 28, 2010


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Unlike Americans, or the country where I originate from, I do NOT succumb to hypochondria. Which means that whenever I do see my doctor (maybe once every four years) he takes my concerns very seriously indeed. Whilst I am grateful for Dr Jenner having eradicated chicken pox I am of the old school where,instead of throwing pills at them,  fevers are sweated out and if they approach 41 degree Centigrade (ie death)  you apply “Wadenwickel” – that’s cloths dipped in ice cold water, wrung out, then wrapped around your lower leg. It’s awful. Yet effective. It does draw out the fever.

The one feat in your life is when you have to apply a “Wadenwickel” TO yourself  BY yourself. Take it from me. It’s not easy.

Anyway, talking about the body taking you to task: I know they say that there is little symmetry to the two halves of the body but this minute I am flummoxed: My right foot has swollen twice the size of my left, and to an extent I can only take as the onset of gangrene. And yes, I know I shouldn’t have read so many seafaring novels in my formative years – on board ship they’d just chop off your limb. 

None of this would matter except my right foot now does not fit into any shoe – other than my son’s trainers. Which he thinks are rather stylish on me. I don’t. I am a (British) size 6/7; he is an 11 and no heels.

You, and particularly gaelikaa, might ask: “What’s your point?” There is no point. Facts are facts.

Jumping ship, yours,



January 26, 2010

Pissing in the wind

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gaelikaa, my dance with Ramana is off. So there will be no photos for you to look forward to.

I rarely go into a sulky strop, in fact never:  Which is why, now that I have,  it is a rather illuminating experience for me. Ramana ticked me off earlier today regarding a perfectly reasonable answer to both his original post and GM’s response which I commented on in one wash [same comment box].  I am getting a little tired of  all the sensitivity (few sensibilities) on some of the consortium’s blogs. Frankly, I have had it. I might as well plant a rhododendron on alkaline soil. It too won’t flourish.

I am miffed big time. Better stick to my usual playgrounds – so much more fun.

For all those not familiar with the meaning of my header: It’s sailors’ language. Look it up if you must or try it the next time you are aboard ship. You’ll soon get the drift.


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